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Home & Hive was founded by a second-generation beekeeper and still is family owned and operated. We specialize in non-lethal honeybee removal from homes, businesses, trees, fences and other structures.

It is our goal to make live honey bee removal simple and affordable for residential and commercial customers while providing exceptional customer service from start to finish. As a family of beekeepers, Home & Hive has made a commitment to help save and preserve our fragile honey bee population. With the correct approach, any beehive can be safely removed and relocated without extermination.


Non-Lethal Removals

Extermination is not only bad for the bees and the environment. It’s bad for your home as well.

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Simple flat rates every time means an easy and straightforward process for you.

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We work around your busy schedule to solve your honeybee problem quickly.

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Our goal is to give you an experience that you will be excited to tell your friends about.

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We are licensed by the Texas Structural Pest Control Board and are fully insured.

Locally Owned and Operated

We live in the same community that we service which means more accountability for you.

Environmentally Friendly

No harsh chemicals means good for the environment and good for your family.

30 Years of BeeKeeping Experience

We bring a wealth of knowledge to every bee situation. This means solving your issue right the first time.

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Live Bee and Hive Removal

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Our Bee Removal Company Story

Our family has been beekeeping since 1991, and what started as a hobby to learn more about nature and harvest local honey right from our own backyard, has turned into a true passion and love for honeybees. As bees began to get more attention in the media and people became more aware of their benefits, customers started looking for local beekeepers to help them with their bee removal rather than exterminators, and thus Home & Hive was born. Each beehive is unique, and sometimes bees can make their hives in some pretty inconvenient locations, but we know that with the right skills and knowledge every beehive can be safely removed and relocated without harming your home or the bee population.

In the beginning our business consisted only of what we call full-hive removals. This is the traditional method for live bee removal in which you open the structure where the bees have made their hive, manually remove the entire hive and all of the bees, and then put everything back together again. However over the years we came across situations where that wasn’t possible, such as in trees or other structures that couldn’t easily be opened. Additionally full hive removals can be very costly and time consuming. We decided that we needed to find a solution that would force the bees to swarm away on their own without us having to do any construction. We finally found a compound that was gentle enough to not kill the hive, but also strong enough that we can guarantee that the bees will vacate their hive within 48 hours. Our proprietary bee repellant offers the best of both worlds, we are able to get rid of the bee problem without killing the hive or doing any construction to your property. There are still situations where a full-hive removal is still the best option. In that case we remove the bees a relocate them to our bee farm in Princeton.

What People Think About Us

Mike McCord_Homeandhive

I cannot speak highly enough of Home and Hive bee removal services.We had a hive move into a soffit on our home with some extending into the attic and some even in our home.I called Home and Hive and Monica explained what was likely occurring, and scheduled services to remove the hive.She arrived when she said she would and their services were effective within 24 hrs with no harm done to the hive in the process.I learned a lot in the process as well!
Mike McCord
Makenzye Hunter

Monica was amazing! She was super quick to come out an take car Monica was amazing! She was super quick to come out an take care of relocating the bees that started to swarm on our back porch. Within an hour of calling she was here. Such a great experience, and highly recommend!
Makenzye Hunter
Rose McKinley_Homeandhive

We called on Home and Hive to remove a honey bee swarm. They were able to make it out and resolve our issue in less than 24 hours. The apiarist, Monica, was awesome. She thoroughly explained the process for removal, assured us that the swarm would be safely rehomed, and offered to return, if stragglers returned to the location. The cost was reasonable and overall service was second-to-none. We definitely recommend Home and Hive for bee removal services.
Rose McKinley
Jeff Altman

Great service. They came out same day to relocate a beehive in my tree. I would absolutely recommend them if you need bee removal and relocation.
Jeff Altman