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“My wife and I moved into our house over the winter and had no idea that we had a beehive living in one of the walls until this spring. I called Home & Hive because they offered a way to get the bees to leave without killing them and without having to tear up my stucco walls. They said the bees would leave within 48 hours and they actually all left that same afternoon. I was pretty freaked out when I started seeing bees coming out of my wall and started imagining how huge of a task it would be to get them out, but they made it a completely painless process.”

— James B.

“Monica came out last week to help us with our bee problem and I couldn’t be happier. We are renovating my parents house and found a beehive that had apparently been there for a couple years. Our contractor would not work on that area until the bees were gone. Luckily Home & Hive was able to come out that same day and remove the hive for us. They were very professional and knowledgeable about what they do. The hive was removed quickly and we were able to continue with out renovations! Thank you!”

— Heather R.

“From the very beginning Monica was nothing but professional and we will be using her for all of our commercial needs from now on.”

— Jordan C.

“Home and Hive is the BEST! We had 2 bee hives that had chose to take space in the front of our home. One of our hives had been there for several years so Monica and her father had to come and remove it completely. It was 3 5-gallon buckets worth of hive!! The other hive was fairly new and as the other review stated, she inserted a non-lethal substance inside the hive that would force the queen bee to leave and the bees to follow. Just as Monica stated, we witnessed the bees gathering by a near by tree and the swarm of bees leave together. Also as Monica advised the “robber” bees would come and steal the honey and after about 3 weeks we wouldn’t see any activity. This was absolutely true and was able to seal up that part of our roof.
Our bee situation was not typical to say the least and Monica was extremely gracious is helping me understand and even came by the house and helped me clean up dead bees that were in my house. She and her family work with a high level of excellence from the customer service to the actual bee removal. I highly recommend Home and Hive!! ”

— Shannon B.

“I called Home and Hive because I have had a large and very active hive of bees in the cavity of a large tree in my backyard for at least ten years. I didn’t want to kill the bees as I know they are beneficial but they were a hazard to me and my guests. The Home and Hive rep was able to come out on the same day that I called. Because of the location of the hive (inside a tree truck), she couldn’t capture the bees but she was able to insert a strip in the opening that would cause the queen bee (and all her followers!) to leave the hive and move elsewhere to re-establish their home. I was told it would take 2 – 4 weeks for all bee activity to cease and 3 weeks out that appears to be the case. I’m ready to cover over the opening so no bees will establish a new hive there. I can’t say enough about how professional and pleasant the young woman who came to do the work was. She grew up with beekeeper parents so she is quite knowledgeable in the ways of bees. If I ever have another bee problem I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to call Home and Hive again. ”

— Nancy W.

“During the night, a huge limb from a large (60 year old) red oak tree fell in the yard. The fallen limb revealed a huge bee hive. We were aware that bees lived in the tree, they had been there for over 14 years but we were unaware of the extent of the hive and the damage that could incur. The bees were naturally upset and were becoming aggressive, stinging my husband several times when he went within 20 feet of the fallen limb. We called Hive and Home mid morning and they came out to the house that afternoon. Monica and her partner were extremely professional, removed the portion of the hive with the queen and much of the honeycomb from the fallen limb. The bees that were left behind continued to be a problem so Monica returned and placed repellant near the fallen limb to help encourage the remaining bees to move on and join another neighborhood hive. It has been a couple of weeks now, they tree limb has been removed, along with many other branches and trees that were damage by the weight of the limb when it fell. We are almost bee free. I recommend Hive and Home.”

— Darren G.

“Home and Hive was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They used a non-invasive, safe, and unique method to scatter the hive, and offered tips about avoiding future issues. The Bees were gone in 48 hours as promised, and have not returned. The owner definitely knows her bees and humanely removed them without having to knock holes in my walls or other extreme measure that traditional pest companies who quoted it had said was required. I would strongly recommend them for any Bee related issue in the DFW area”

— Kathy W.


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