As most everyone has heard at this point, bees are a very important parts of all ecosystems. They have numerous benefits and are not harmful creatures because they are not aggressive in their nature as they only ever act in self-defense. These buzzing creatures have been a pivotal part of the outdoors for a long time, but in recent years the population of bees has begun to decrease.

Thanks to harmful pesticides and other kinds of pollutants, the bee population has gone down slowly overtime which can be extremely harmful to the ecosystem. There are numerous reasons in why bees are important and should be kept safe.

Population decline

It is no secret that the bee population is going down. Checking any kind of social media will almost always have kind some of trending post or articles that shows this issue. In a study done by the University of Vermont, a 23% population decrease was seen across the entire globe between 2009 and 2013. That spans the over 20,000 different kinds of bees there are around the entire world..

There are a lot of factors that are coming into play which has led to his population decline. Deforestation and habitat loss has been a large contributor to this problem. Areas that have been known to house large number of bees in the wilderness have been destroyed which has led to a lot of relocation for these colonies. This causes the bees to build their hives in places that may cause problems such as houses and playground that have a lot of human traffic.

As mentioned before, toxins and pesticides have also been a big reason in why the population has continued to go down. Since they are such small insects, it does not take a lot of chemicals to cause problems. Once inhaled, the bees will begin to feel week and possible die because of the strong chemicals. It is important to keep this in mind when working in your garden or backyard to make sure that you are using safe substances.

Most important pollinators

While they are not the only animal that helps when it comes to pollination, bees are by far the most important. They are responsible for around 75% of all pollination around the world. This includes vegetation such as fruits and vegetables that people need in order to eat and survive. And with there being around 30,000 plants out there requiring pollination, that is a hefty task to take on.

This pollination not only helps people gain the food and nutrients that is necessary, but they also help with the economy and flow of money when it comes to crops involved. In a study done last year, it was shown that around $577 billion of global crops were thanks due in part to bees and their pollination responsibilities. This includes foods such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, berries and other kinds of crops..

And of course, they are important when it comes to simple gardening and yard work. On a much smaller scale, natural bees help when trying to have a successful garden. People can only do so much planting and watering to start the garden. The pollinators are need in order to spread the pollen in order to keep these areas healthy. Without bees, it would be almost impossible to have a successful garden year in and year out.

They help the economy

Bees are also important to the economy in other ways than just crops. Honey is the most well-known product that bees are known for and for good reason. This product is a natural substance that is very healthy while also not being man made, which avoids a lot of the chemicals done in processing and manufacturing. A lot of people work in the field of honey, whether that means being a beekeeper or working in a packaging factor for the honey, which houses thousands of jobs a year.

The honey produced can also be used as an ingredient in many other kinds of products such as hair care and other kinds of cosmetics. Bee wax is also another product that comes from honey which is another helper in the cosmetic world. Florist also benefit from the pollination of bees as many flowers such as dandelions require this pollination and are sold frequently.

What you can do

There are a lot of things that can be done by anyone that can help with the declining bee population problem. These are also not tough task that require a lot of time or energy but are rather just day-to-day things to consider which can help the cause.

For starters, avoid using any kind of strong or harmful chemicals. At this point, there are plenty of safer alternatives from trying to keep other bugs such as flies away from your yard or pool. Sound devices have become a popular choice in keeping certain kinds of unwanted bugs away and are not harmful to bees.

Planting natural flowers that are popular within the geography of where you live is also a very beneficial action. Bees are used to the flowers in whatever area they tend to be in and prefer whatever is natural for those areas. Finding out what flowers bees prefer the most depending on where they live can go a long way in helping them.

If you do notice a beehive in an area that may be dangerous for both you and the colony, such as your home, it is best to call a professional to take care of the bees. Beekeepers will safely transport bees to a farm where they can still stay within their colony and produce honey will not being harmed in the process at all.

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